Looking for the right gift for a newborn or young child? Well, we know there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a child smile, and we think within our fantastic range of Silver Baby Gifts there will be the perfect gift that you’re looking for. We have gifts suitable for many different occasions, such as Christenings, Birthdays, losing your first tooth, and more. To make your life easier we have come up with a blog focused on what gifts we think to be the most special and unique.

So, do not worry if you just cannot find a gift that is exciting AND personal anywhere because we are here to help.  We have a solution for you.

Solid Silver Tooth Fairy Box HSoo8
First of all I wanted to discuss with you our absolutely remarkable and unique Solid Silver Square Hallmarked Tooth Fairy Box. This Solid Silver Boxhas hand painted enamel on the lid with the design of a fairy sitting on a toadstool. The clasp is in the shape of a delicate butterfly which adds more detail to this box.

Solid Silver Tooth Fairy Box

This Tooth Box would really be so special to keep your child’s first baby tooth in. It would last over the years your child would be losing their teeth and, therefore, the tooth fairy can put her money straight into this little box. Imagine the delight on your child’s face each time they opened the beautiful box. What makes this box even more personal and heartfelt is the option to engrave a name and/or the date your child lost their very first baby tooth. Your child could look at this box when they are older and know that was the date they first lost their tooth. I think this Solid Silver Tooth Fairy Boxwould hold not only money, but a lot of warm memories.

Edinburgh Silver Napkin Ring ES11
So we have noticed for a while now that our customers are very keen on buying a Napkin Ringas a Christening or Birthday gift. So I decided to include one of our beautiful Edinburgh Silver Napkin Rings into this blog. I think this gift is a really original and unique gift to give as a Baby Giftbecause it’s not usually thought of. This Napkin Ring features our hand punched Edinburgh Silver hallmarks which makes this item very exclusive and individual to us.


Edinburgh Silver Napkin Ring

This particular item could be given in the sense of it being a keepsake. I think it’s really special that this Napkin Ring could be treasured for the whole of the baby’s life then passed down through generations. That’s what makes our products so great. They can be cherished for a long, long time and kept in a family.


Solid Silver Teddy Photo Frame

This photo frame has a highly polished Mahogany back which makes it a lot more classy and neat. We also give you the option to engrave a message onto the frame. It could be your child’s name, DoB or the date of when the photo was taken.

I think a Solid Silver Photo Framewould be ideal to give as a gift to a child because both parents and child could look back to fond memories.

You can see this Solid Silver Teddy Photo Frame here:
To view a wider range of our Solid Silver Photo Frames follow this link:

Silver Hallmarked Quaich Qu3a
From our Silver Baby Giftcollection I decided to choose this Silver Hallmarked Quaich. This is a Scottish Solid Silver Quaichwith plain handles and it proves to be a great Christening gift. We have our own hand punched Edinburgh Silver Hallmarkaround the outside of the Quaich which makes this gift individual to us at Edinburgh Silver. We offer the option to engrave whatever message you want into either the bowl or on the base which makes this particular gift increasingly more unique and special.


Silver Hallmarked Quaich

This gift is traditionally Scottish and would even be great for Scots who have moved away and want their child to remember their heritage. Historically, a Quaich was used in times of celebration as a drinking bowl. So would be perfect for any celebratory occasions.

Scottish Christening Spoon ESSFH
This Solid Silver Christening Spoon, with large Edinburgh Feature Hallmarks, is ideal as a Baby Gift. It would be perfect to give to a child and their parents at their Christening service. This spoon is completely exclusive to Edinburgh Silverdue to the Feature Edinburgh Hallmarks on the handle.

Scottish Christening Spoon

With a plain design, this Silver Christening Spoonwould make an extremely memorable gift to anyone you choose to give it to. You may decide to engrave the child’s initials and a date (DoB or Christening date) onto the spoon’s bowl.

This Christening Spoon would make the ideal keepsake and would be cherished and treasured for the whole of the child’s life. They’ll look at this Scottish Christening Spoonand know someone cares about them very much.