Silver fit for Kings and Queens to show their wealth and power. For a very long time in history silver has played a much more important role in society more so than gold. Gold is simply too soft and maybe expensive to be used in cutlery and practical decorative objects. Step forward silver. A lot more practical than gold, silver can be crafted into almost anything. Silver has always had a value and that value will always remain.


What Is A Quaich


A Quaich is a simple shallow bowl with two handles designed to drink from.    The Quaich originated in Scotland and from the Gaelic “Cauch”. Therefore basically the answer to the question what is a Quaich, it is a two handled drinking cup.

Originally Quaich’s where hand carved from wood. They are though to have been inspired from similar flat shaped bowls in England and the Netherlands. The true origins of the Quaich can be traced back to the highlands themselves.

solid Silver Quaich

Silver Napkin Rings

If you have silver napkin rings upon your table at your dinner parties it just adds a touch of class. We love these Antique solid silver napkin rings as they are filled with history.

Antique Solid Silver Hallmarked Very Heavy Napkin Ring, Birmingham 1904, made by the excellent English silversmiths W. Spurrier. We have fully restored this napkin ring to near new condition.  Super Heavy and pristine condition – looks like new. Always something for everyone at Edinburgh Silver. Silver Napkin rings

Silver Letter Openers

Maybe from a by gone era but we all still get letters in the post. Hopefully you still get a few Christmas and birthday cards from family and friends. What better way to open your letters than with silver paper knife, or is it the silver letter opener

silver paper knife

Cleaning Silver

if you have a few items of silver and would like to know how to clean your silver easily then read our great guide on cleaning silver